Lebanese Car Apps You Should Know About

January 02,2017

We see you cringing, but rest assured, we’re not promoting texting or gaming while driving! We’re just introducing you to some really cool apps that will make your life easier, and knowing the stressful Lebanese driving conditions, you are going to need them.


Kindly note that none of the apps mentioned are sponsored or advertised. This informative article serves in no way as a guarantee of the apps quality or reliability.


With no further ado, let’s start our list.


1- Blink My Car:



This app brings the carwash experience to you anywhere and anytime. This comes in handy when you don’t feel like washing your car yourself or driving it all the way to the gas station. Also, the first wash is on the house!


Just input your car details and location, and then select an offer. You can choose between:

  • Exterior & Wax ($12),
  • Full In & Out Wash ($19)
  • The Ultimate Blink ($79) that includes deep cleaning for car seats and ceiling. This option has been recently removed.

With the last 2 options, you can also add Engine Clean ($10) and AC treatment ($25). The latest addition is a winter Interior Only ($10) option.


2- Speed Ticket App Lebanon:



This is the ultimate must-have to track all those tickets you forgot to pay or simply chose to ignore. Once you download this app, you just need to type in the car number and area codes.


This app is a nice alternative to visiting the ISF website (isf.gov.lb). If you frequently check whether you got speeding tickets, maybe it’s time to get the pedal off the metal and drive more responsibly. It can be lighter on the pocket too!


3- Waynak:



Forgot the number of landmarks you need to pass before getting to your friend’s house? Download this app, and sharing and finding your location will suddenly be as easy as can be.


Hosting a party? Share your locations with your guests beforehand so they don’t get lost on the way!


Say goodbye to confusing directions like, “Third building on the right after the…”


4- Tari2ak:



This app will help you stay away from stress by providing you with all the information related to traffic conditions. Who would say no to avoiding traffic when possible?


Plus it’s got animated traffic lines that vary in speed and color depending on the traffic jams. The app works best within Beirut.


Warning! Unlike Google maps, you cannot set a destination on Tari2ak. You’ll have to hold your phone and check where to go. So be careful and keep your eyes on the road.


5- Kif el Seir:


This app transmits a live picture update of 7 main roads in Lebanon: Dora, Charles Helou, Jounieh, Sassine Square, Tarik el Jdide, Hamra and Sidon. Yes we know, the seven roads to hell. You are probably wishing you owned your very own private jet!


Check the streets from above with this app, which links to traffic cameras, giving you an idea about traffic movement on those roads.


However, there is some sort of glitch prohibiting the app from transmitting any updated images for now. We are hoping to see it fixed soon (last update: Nov 2, 2015)


6- Driving License LB:


This Lebanese app simulates the official driver’s license test like a quiz. It is the ultimate help for people looking forward to passing their driver’s test! There are no excuses now!

Additional features:

  • Browse all the signs featured in the driver’s license test.
  • Browse certified driving schools by location
  • Browse test center locations and phone numbers
  • Check the papers needed for your driving license


7- Extra - OLX:


Although not Made in Lebanon, we thought you'd need this app when you're buying or selling a car: The #1 platform to sell and buy second-hand cars is now available on mobile. To learn more about OLX, check out Karrenn’s blog entry, on Ready, Get Set, Go: Your Guide to Fast Selling on OLX


We hope this gave you some idea of what your next downloads will be!


Don’t hesitate to share feedback and your insights on the must-have apps for a smoother driving experience!