Lebanon Rejoice: No Mou3eyane For 2018

April 24,2018

People of Lebanon, we woke up this morning to some news that will make most of you happy, or at least relieved!


You DO NOT have to do MOU3EYANE in 2018.



This applies to anyone who actually did MOU3EYANE in 2017. You just have to use your old MOU3EYANE permit to pay your 2018 mecanique fees. That’s one less worry for 2018…


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Note that a similar decision was made last year, so if you were exempted from MOU3EYANE last year, this decision does not apply to you.


It was mentioned that for one time and exceptionally until further notice, the validity of the permits issued during the year 2017 has been extended for 2018. Meaning that every car holding a 2017 MOU3EYANE permit can have its 2018 mecanique paid using that permit.


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This comes as a move to decrease the choking traffic that is accumulating in front of the inspection centers. A move that we think will take some pressure off of anyone who takes their car there personally for inspection.


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N.B.: Since our main role is to assist you in buying a new car, it’s worth knowing that whenever you buy a new car, you are exempted from MOU3EYANE for the first 3 years. Meaning that if you just bought a 2018 car, you’ll only have to start visiting inspection centers prior to paying your mecanique fees in 2021.


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