Luxury Brand and Price on Ads: do they go along?

April 17,2019


“Is it correct to touch upon price when you are selling a luxury or premium brand?” 


Here's one of the biggest concerns that many luxury brands face. Is it right to communicate the price? How will it affect the brand and sales? 


To be less confused about it, we asked our community on Facebook what they think, and here are the answers.




Yes, our people guessed it right. 


Mercedes wanted to make sure whether communicating the price has a positive or negative impact on the brand. For this, they released a test-campaign on the C-Class with three different configurations; the first one was a normal inspirational campaign, the second includes the price. With the last one, they focused on the price rather than the TrueView of the car. And the insights were quite impressive! 


With this approach, they made sure that communicating the price is the way forward, affecting the brand positively. 


Here’s the case study video that confirms the Price-Luxury Theory. 




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