Mercedes-Benz A Class: A New World of Technology

August 13,2018


There’s such a big excitement when a new car is suddenly debuted, but it gets even more exciting when that new car is just an enormous technological hub! The CEO of Mercedes-Benz took the stage and gave us all a look of the All-New Mercedes-Benz A Class and specifically its new, innovative enhancements known as the MBUX.


Before we dig into the jaw-dropping technological advancements of the Mercedes-Benz A Class, let’s ruffle our eyes about what is new with the car on the outside (don’t get us wrong, we believe what is on the inside is important too, no pun intended). The car is extremely appealing visually, includes a sleek design with more space in the interiors. The exteriors have been sculpted so artistically that it outshines the CLA series.



Now, hang on to your seats so we can talk about the most important part. The MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) is stocked with incredible features and one of them being its own brain. The MBUX is, to summarize, your personal artificial intelligence companion in the car. That’s right, it’ll be like you have your own little Siri in your car. Just say Hey Mercedes and have a chat?


If you care about safety, the MBUX has improved its camera and radars so that you can sense and see far objects quite easily. You can view and sense these objects at more than 1,600 ahead of your car which will give you enough time to divert or take a course of action. “Over the air” is also a thing now in the new MBUX where updates to the system can happen, which means no more trips to the dealer to update the software.


One greater thing about the Mercedes-Benz A Class, the cockpit is incredibly wide and spacious giving you a clean and sleek experience when driving, its display includes augmented reality technology to further provide you with a futuristic experience.


For our final note, when the A-Class is finally available, it will come as an A 200 model with a 2-liter turbocharged inline-4 that is optimal for 118 hp and 221 ft lbs of torque. Adding to its incredible body, the engine comes with a 7-speed dual clutch transmission and the concept will also be available in a 4MATIC version that comes with all-wheel drive.


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Drive Safe out there smiley