Motorbike Riders, This is Everything You Ever Wanted to Say to Car Drivers

May 19,2017

We’ve been listening to what you’ve been saying about driving in Lebanon, and it’s safe to say that many of us feel that cars are more of a steel shell protecting us from careless drivers charging towards us. But let’s take a moment and think about motorcycle riders. Today, most of us don’t know how to drive around motorcycles. They say that when you drive or ride a motorcycle once, you learn how to drive your car around them. We know this is not something everyone can do, that’s why we asked those of you who are riders to give us their advice, so that we can all start somewhere and build together towards a safer driving environment on our streets! We also asked representatives from Kawasaki and KTM/ANB Motorcycles for expert advice and this is what they had to say:


Edmond Barakeh, Riders Of Kawasaki Club vice president and a Kawasaki rider for more than 8 years, quoted: 

"We all DRIVE; whether cars, trucks, bicycles or motorcycles. Big, small, long or short; all are transportation means. 
In our world today, number of motorists are increasing. For this we need to have a reciprocal respect in order to create a better and healthier environment.
Like any car driver, motorists do obey traffic laws, wear full gear, use indicators, and pay annual mechanic fees. Road & governmental rules/ penalties apply to all drivers respectively. We urge you all drivers to venerate each other and build a stronger community to keep the awareness in our country". 


Joe Sallouty, ANB Motorcycles, Sales Manager


Sharing the road is something crucial for any rider or driver. The responsibility is common as one simple mistake could take away the life of another.

As a rider for more than 15 years, riding safely and wisely with the full protective gear no matter how short the traveled distance is undebatable. Motorcyclists surely have essential precautions and a major responsibility on the road, however drivers should take into consideration few simple measures that will save a life and a lot of headache!

• Treat a motorbike as any other vehicle; give it enough space to avoid any sudden move from the parties involved on the road.

• Even if it is only a motorbike behind you, make sure to use the turn signals indicators sooner than actually taking the turn.

• Be aware of blind spots, since motorbikes can be easily hidden in the side views.

• Don’t rely on perceptions, the motorcycle can look more far and faster than it actually is, that’s why avoid changing lanes quickly and triple check your mirrors.

• Don’t expect that it is easier for a motorbike to move. Maneuvering is definitely an advantage of riding a bike, but sometimes the consequences of a motorcycle’s obliged& sudden move on a slippery road can be deadly.

• Motorcyclists are more vulnerable on the road as they are riding a two-wheeler. No matter how responsible they are riding; if you are texting while driving, doing your make up, drinking your coffee, listening to loud music or not paying attention to the road, then your actions could lead to fatal consequences that surely neither the rider, the driver or their families deserve.”


Karrenn's community members:

  1. Stay on the lane
  2. Try a bike … Get a bike
  3. Leave space for bikers to pass
  4. Use your mirrors
  5. Do not open your door until you’re sure there is no motorcycle passing
  6.   Less use social media while driving such as Whatsapp/Instagram/Facebook and more side and rear mirrors.
  7. Do not make sudden moves
  8.  Think of both the car and motorbike driver, mutual respect, and respect to other auto vehicles and bikes on the road
  9.  Use signal lights… PLEASE
  10.  DO NOT SNAP and drive


We wish all bike riders a safe drive on the roads and if you have any additional advice you would like to share, feel free to comment below. Car drivers you’re up next! Stay tuned for the advice from car drivers to bike riders to ensure car driver’s safety on the roads. 



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