Myth Unveiled: Know What your Engine Needs

February 12,2019

“Super aw aadeh?” 


Here’s the confusing question asked every time you need to re-fill your tank.


Most people think 98 petrol is better than 95 for their vehicle since it’s priced a bit higher, without knowing which quality is really better. 


To know more about drivers’ knowledge of what they fill their tanks with, we’ve asked our members whether their cars should run on 95 or 98 fuel, and here are the ones that guessed it right and took their comments into consideration; 



And here's what professionals advise you: 



To make it clear, octane rating measure a gasoline’s ability to resist engine knock (rattling or pinging sound that result from premature ignition of the compressed fuel-air mixture in one or more cylinders).  The higher the number is, the more resistance. 


To know the difference between 95 and 98, we will assign the two petrol grades on a range of criterias by how they affect each one: 


Engine Protection: to avoid knocking, 98 petrol is better for a powerful engine. Using 95 might work as well, but the high power of your engine will be suing more pressure that 95 will not be able to withstand it, and you’ll spend the money you saved on its maintenance.  


Power: high-performance engines usually require 98 petrol to give it more power, but this does not mean putting 98 in a normal engine will give it greater power too. The engine uses very high-temperature and pressure for a high-performance car built for speed with a high acceleration that 98 can withstand it. Using 95 instead would make it explode too quickly under the pressure.  
If you have high-performance engine, use 98 petrol. If you have the normal one, go for the 95 and you’ll have the same results. 


Environmentally: it all depends on which petrol you’re using for your engine. If it is a normal-performance vehicle and you are using 98, this will be less efficient since  the engine will not be able to completely burn the fuel. If you are environmentally concerned, you should use the engine that is most efficient for your engine, 98 for high performance and 95 for the normal one. 


For the final verdict, 98 does have a slight edge over 95. Most of the benefits of 98 petrol are more to do with the benefits of a high-performance engine, rather than the fuel itself. So if you have a normal-performance engine, just go for the 95 petrol and don’t worry about getting the premium one. If you do have high-performance engine, you’ll need 98 for it to function properly without knocking. 


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