New 2017 Cars Will Get More Expensive, Here's Why

December 19,2017

Are you in the process of buying a brand new car? It's the season for huge discounts on 2017 models as dealers are getting rid of their stock moving into 2018. However, you might want to purchase your car before the end of the year and here's why:


- Buy your 2017 car now, and you'll pay its mechanique fees in December 2018

- Buy your 2017 car in January 2018 on the other hand, and you'll have to directly pay the mechanique, technically paying a higher price on your car.


Since most of the new cars fall in the 1.1L - 2.0L category in the table below, the expected increase is $350. You can check out other values in the table to see how much extra you'll have to pay if you buy a 2017 model in 2018.

Our duty is to also warn you from the implications of each decision. A new car will be exempted from visiting the Mou3eyane facility for 3 years, meaning that you just pay the fee without having to take a day off and get stuck in the Mou3eyane's hassle. This might not be the case for 2017 models, which might be exempted from visiting for 2 years if bought in 2018.


Once we move into 2018, picking a new model might be the best choice, but we're on the lookout for hot discounts on 2017 cars. If any discounts are big enough to tip the scales, we'll tell you about it. Just fill out your preferences below, and we'll tailor our support to suit your needs!



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