New Mecanique Prices 2017

February 28,2017

Citizens of Lebanon, hold your pockets! An increase in mecanique prices is being implemented. Yes we know what you’re thinking “as if buying a car was not already expensive” due to the cost of mecanique, customs (gomrok), insurance, and registration we have to pay, in addition to the price of the car. But just like taxes and VAT on electricity and alcohol have risen, paying your mecanique is now more costly.


MTV published a video earlier today explaining how 680,000 cars roaming the streets of Lebanon are older than 15 years and 550,000 cars do not even pay their mecanique. People are describing it as ironic how the government would think this would regulate mecanique payment instead of increasing the number of outlaws.


Below is a table that you can download and save, we included the old and new prices, as well as the increase in % and the different categories used for pricing. It's based on each car’s horsepower (the first column), which you can check on your car’s ID (daftar l siyara) and the model year of the car. Save it, share it!


So Lebanon, we wonder based on what were the percentage increases chosen and were experts involved? Was a study conducted? And more importantly, what are YOUR thoughts on this??