Petrol Stations: Which one tops the list?

April 24,2019


Coral, Total or Medco? Which is your car's favorite? Well, that can be quite a controversial topic in Lebanon! 


Gas stations are supposed to supply their customers with clean and quality petrol. Petrol has a major influence on the performance of a vehicle. You can make sure what is the best kind of petrol for your car right here


We have asked our community for opinions on petrol stations in Lebanon when it comes to quality, brand and service. Here’s what we got: 


Coral Lovers!




Total All the Way! 



Go Medco! 



Some people prefer IPT over all the above 




Total was rated first by our community - with 794 votes! Medco got 362 votes, while Coral got 123 votes. 


Your opinion matters! Share your thoughts on this topic via our facebook post.  

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