Ready, Get Set, Go: Your Guide to Fast Selling on OLX

October 23,2016

Needless to introduce OLX. With people using it to buy and sell goods in more than 50 countries, the platform is the perfect go-to if you’re looking for an easy and quick way to sell your car. But did you know that in Lebanon alone, there are more than 51,000 vehicle ads with 41,000 of them related to cars? Standing out is thus not that easy.


Luckily for all of you impatient sellers, we have compiled the best tips to sell your car on OLX. We’re ready to bet it will be gone in no time, and your friends might even come to you for advice once this is done!


1. Prepping your car


First things first, you want your car to stand out and look attractive. Unleash the photographer that lies within you. Always put yourself in the buyer’s shoes: there is no way you would spend more than a second on an ad that does not feature a clear and relevant image of the product you are looking for.


For cars, we suggest you take the following pictures:



With up to 8 photos allowed, you can show some creativity with your last 2 pictures. Make sure the photos are taken from the same level as the lights, or slightly above.


You should consider a nice and neat background and make sure your car fits in the picture.


2. Sharing info that matters


Always remember one buyer is all you need and you have to give him relevant, transparent info. It is mandatory to help them make an informed decision. You don’t want to overwhelm them with unnecessary details just like you don’t want them to overwhelm you with unnecessary phone calls. Because yes, it is highly appreciated to provide potential buyers with your phone number. The easier the contact, the sooner you will find a match for your old car.


The vehicle’s origin, existence of a warranty or the service book, special options or features (interior color, leather seats low mileage etc.) are all details you should include to your description. If you are selling a barely used car, you might want to state the reason.


And now’s the time to deal with the tricky subject: cash. Don’t stubbornly stick to a price that’s too high, this will only waste your time and make you lose buyers. Use the filter to scan through similar ads and check at what price similar cars are being sold.


And now, everything went according to the plan and your potential buyer is coming to check the car. Don’t boast excessively; it is rarely a supercar you’re selling. Also, we all know how to spot a liar; you don’t want that customer to get back to you.


Our last advice would be to accept a little bargaining, with a smile!