Should You Own a Convertible This Summer?

May 30,2017

Summer is here! The heat wave is back, the sun is out, everyone is heading to Batroun’s beaches, or road tripping to Baakline, you name it! And what better way to enjoy it all than by cruising around in a convertible. But the question is should you own one? Read to find out.  


10 reasons to give into temptation


1) Staying free of headaches. With a convertible you can say goodbye to freezing air blasted right into your face by the AC and welcome the refreshing breeze.


2) Making a good deal in Winter. Buy in Winter, sell in Spring/Summer if you want to make money. Or buy in Winter and sell the next Winter. Just avoid buying in Summer and selling in Winter; bad idea!


3) Resisting side impacts. Convertibles have superior side impact protection, which might come in handy in the event of a side collision.


4) Having a retractable Roof. Most convertibles can easily be transformed back into a coupe or sedan in a simple click. This versatility lets you have the best of both worlds – the wind in your hair and a roof over your head come nasty weather.


      5) Benefiting from all of the safety advantages. Many standard     convertibles now come with safety features such as rearview camera, blind spot monitors, roll bars protecting passengers in case of a rollover, and side airbags.


6) Enjoying luxury features You don’t need to buy the luxury version to get the pretty cool features. Most convertibles come standard with automatic climate control, navigation systems, smartphone interfaces, keyless start up, and Bluetooth.


7) Fighting preconceived ideas. When it comes to price, they are not more expensive to maintain than regular cars.


8) Enjoying more visibility. With no roof or door frames, you’ll probably be able to see more of what’s happening around you.  It can be easier to maneuver and park with the wider radius of vision that a top-down convertible offers.


9) Driving in style. Most convertible owners love the classic, sporty look of convertibles and the allure of this ride.


10) Getting more head room. For tall drivers who have trouble finding cars suiting their height, a convertible can be a comfortable solution.


10 reasons to fight the urge


1) Killing your hairstyle. Ladies, how much time did you spend fixing your hair this morning?... Hmmm… Yeah. We hope you’ve got a hairbrush with you.


2) Affecting car performance. Without a traditional roof, extra beams have to be inserted in the body of the car during production to increase rigidity. This has a negative affect on the car’s performance and handling.


3) Waiting in the cold. In the Winter, the car can take longer to heat up inside than a ‘normal’ car. Keep your jacket on, and get a pair of gloves.


4) Paying the price. Convertibles tend to be $5,000 to $9,000 more expensive on average than comparable sedans or coupes.


5) Splitting the crowd. Many convertibles have two dorrs and seat only two passengers. Ones that do seat four aren’t the most comfortable, so a convertible wouldn’t be the best choice for a family car.


6) Baring shudders Without the support of a fixed roof, convertibles are susceptible to chassis shudders, which leads to quite bumpy rides on uneven roads.


7) Expecting leaks Despite higher quality soft tops, heavy snow, rain, and prolonged exposure can lead to leaks and that water will end up damaging your convertible.


8) Being an easier prey. convertible soft tops are easier for thieves to force. You better live in a secluded area or have access to a safe parking spot.


9) Tending to wear and tear of interior. Direct exposure to sun and dirt makes it difficult to keep your convertible in Day 1 condition, especially if it has leather seats.


10) Managing less trunk space Convertibles typically have less trunk space in order to make room for the retractable roof. 


Thinking of buying a convertible? Which one of these points are you most likely to consider upon purchasing your new car? Already had the chance to drive one? Do share; your input is highly appreciated! 




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