Speeding Out Of Control? Here's What You Should You Do!

August 24,2018


Let’s consider a scenario we’ve all thought about. As you’re racing across the highway weaving in and out of traffic to reach your weekend gateway, your gas pedal gets stuck. You hit the brakes. But with a 200 HP engine running at 7000 rpm, the break does nothing to stop your SUV from accelerating.


With your car’s speed nearing 200 Km/h you now face the danger of death…It’s time to take a decision! What would you do?




  • Use the emergency brake and steer on to the sides of the road

  • Jam the car into neutral

  • Turn off the engine


At this speed, every 1.7 seconds, your car is crossing the length of a football field! Your brakes are useless…  your gas pedal is stuck and with rush hour approaching, it will only get worse.


Let’s consider that you choose to use the emergency brake and steer to the shoulder of the road to slow your vehicle. Doing this at such a high speed could be fatal since your rear wheels will lock up, sending you into a very slippery adventure. Even if you decide to use the rough terrain on the sides of the road, you will only make your problem worse as your car might flip into a death roll.


Now with your car speeding out of control, you can consider turning off the engine, but is this your best move? Nope.


As you turn off the ignition, your steering wheel can lock therefore as you accelerate you’d be unable to change direction and avoid the inevitable. So, what should you do?


If you want to survive this death trap, the best thing to do is to jam your car into neutral. By disengaging the transition you disconnect the motor from the axles, making it impossible for the car to accelerate furthermore, even if it still going fast, then apply firm steady pressure to your breaks. With the engine no longer powering your car, the breaks can now stop your SUV, allowing you to save yourself from a fatal death. (1)


That’s what you do if you don’t want to die!