Stop Complaining About Traffic And Support YallaBus

November 01,2017

We’ve all been there at one time or the other where we weren’t sure which bus goes where, how long would it take, or when the next bus arrives? Though, some people just avoid public transportation as a whole because of safety concerns or that they don’t seem too clean.


In fact, Lebanon has extremely easy bus routes that can take from one end of the country to the other without having to pay a lot on taxis or gas. The only problem we have is finding these buses. This is where a group of students from AUB came together to develop YallaBus to change the entire perception of public transportation.


Hats off to @theresekayrouz a young entrepreneur who will revolutionize public transportation in Lebanon with her start up Yalla Bus??She is a co-winner of the “Femme Francophone Entrepreneure” 2017 Competition??She is such an inspiration & a fierce change agent?? ???????????????????????????????????????????? #Repost @livelovebeirut (@get_repost) ??? @theresekayrouz decided to take the bus to university one day. Her life changed and soon yours will to. Watch our latest #LiveLoveStory, capturing the people that make this world a little more special. Produced by our #webelieveinyou(th) #womenmeanbusiness #purpose #womenentrepreneurs #changeagent #womenentrepreneur #socialimpact #changedriver #yallabus #publictransport #businesswoman #femmefrancophoneentrepreneure #winner #competition #inspiration #drive

Posted by Stand For Women on Wednesday, October 11, 2017



What can YallaBus do for you?


- For starters, it would give you all the details of bus routes, destinations, and timings right on the application. You can even track where the buses are located and how long it would take for the bus to reach you.


- The application would figure out where you are headed, tell you which bus can take you there and how much the trip would cost. You could also book a seat on the bus which would immediately notify the driver and pay for your trip through the application. Sounds like the Uber of buses, doesn’t it?


- Not only would this help countless people with commuting, but also people who are sick and tired of driving through the traffic have a chance of taking a break with YallaBus. You can free your hands from the steering wheel and study, text, read, or whatever your creative mind can come up with.


The country is facing an unbearable problem with traffic and public transportation, and this application would not only encourage citizens to use the buses, but this would lead to an incredible decrease in cars parading the streets and it would highlight the importance of public transportation and how easy it is. No longer would people feel lost inside the world of transportation.


The application is still in development but we definitely have high hopes for this one. Keep your eyes out for the app as soon as it comes out.