Stories and Logo Series-Alfa Romeo

April 05,2017

Every car brand has a heritage of its own. Some manufacturers have been around for more than a hundred years, and some started in a totally different sector. Even the logos of these brands open doors to fascinating stories. No matter what car you are driving, it’s always good to know the story behind a machine in which you spend two hours or more on a daily basis.


Today’s article is dedicated to Alfa Romeo, or as Top Gear so accurately calls them the “beautiful, charming Italians who wear their eccentricities like items of delicate, tasteful jewelry”.


Many Alfa cars are indeed works of art, although they’ve got quite the reputation for falling short on the reliability scale. So how did Alfa come to be and what are the brand’s most iconic cars? Read on to find out!



Quick History:


The company was founded when Cavalier Ugo Stella took over a French car factory on the outskirts of Milan. The first Alfa rolled out of its premises in 1910; you’ll see it further down. Starting 1931, Alfa continued stealing hearts with its 8C model, establishing its heartthrob status.  But a few years later, production stopped because of an air raid that put the factory to the ground.


After WWII, Alfa was rolling around stealing hearts again, so much so that an Alfisti movement was founded by the mid-sixties. You guessed it, it’s a community exclusively dedicated to Alfa fanatics!


Fast forward to the 21st century, Alfa are still aiming to create art on wheels. Check out the famous Alfa cars below + a surprise video!



ALFA 24HP (1910) – The first car ever to be produced by the company



Alfa Giulietta (1950)



And here’s the gorgeous Alfa 8C. Did you know the company just produced 500 of this one?


The Logo:


The Alfa Romeo logo is quite possibly the finest badge in the automotive business. It’s elegant, sleek and filled with mystery. Well it was until now…


You see, that red cross on the left is the symbol of Milan, the brand’s hometown. On the right, is it? Yes, indeed, a frigging dragon/snake eating a man. The meaning behind this is quite complicated, so we’re going to simplify it as much as possible:


Rumor has it that an important guy in Milan called Otone Visconti fought against a Saracen knight and killed him. He then took the symbols on the Saracen’s shield back to Milan, which is how it’s made its way onto the Alfa badge.


Although it looks like the man is being eaten by the snake/dragon, the official line from Alfa is that he is actually emerging from the beast’s mouth, a purified, new man.


The more you know…



The video:



Since we made it clear from the start that Alfa are the gigolos of the automotive world, how about you learn how to flirt in Italian using this awesome excerpt from the Spy? It also features an awesome Alfa car, can you guess which?


Do you know any fun facts about the Alfa Romeo? do share them with us! And if you own or ever rid one, send on a picture of it and tell us all about your driving experience. 


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