Teach Her Auto Mechanic Workshop

March 05,2019

Karrenn hosts women's workshop on car mechanics, maintenance and insurance.


Karrenn, a leading online platform for the Lebanese car industry, hosted their second free workshop on Saturday, March 2, 2019, at Antwork, in Hamra, following their first workshop for women, which occurred a few months ago. The workshop entitled 'Teach Her: Auto Mechanic Workshop', was held to meet strong demand and numerous requests among women for a successor, following Karrenn's first workshop. This marks Karrenn as a pioneer in car workshops targeted specifically for women in Lebanon.



The 4-hour long workshop witnessed a large number of around 300 women participants from all adult age groups, demonstrating the need for practical car know-how among Lebanese women, which Karrenn catered for.


Topics discussed include basics on car engines and water tank, oil change, filters, car brakes, car tires, ambiguous car noise, among others.


Several hands-on live demonstrations on car parts and car basics were held for the participants who were divided into small groups for each demonstration. A few participants got the chance to experience the process of actually changing a car wheel themselves.



The discussion saw a high level of engagement among women who asked a wide variety of questions on practical car maintenance, car problems, and safety matters. Ladies shared car incidents they had encountered, which were analyzed and clarified by car expert speakers at the workshop.


Various videos were displayed, shedding light on important car parts, and demonstrating basic procedures such as engine oil change and others.


'It is important for all drivers to learn all they need to know about cars, especially women. As a woman, I am delighted to help and empower other women in my society', said Karla Jurdi, Marketing Manager at Karrenn.


An insurance expert speaker gave a briefing on car insurance, elaborating and raising discussions on the various types of coverage which include the government obligatory insurance, third-party private insurance, and all-risks coverage.


Karrenn.com is a leading comprehensive online car platform that helps prospective car buyers learn all they need to know about car brands, features, prices, insurance and a broad range of car-related matters, enabling them to make the best possible personal decision. For more info, please visit Karrenn.com and/or Karrenn Facebook page.

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The workshop was sponsored by Careem, Quickfix, Antwork, Commercial Insurance and Comin with a special collaboration with Beirut Marathon Association.

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