The Hows, Whats and Wheres of Getting a Driver’s License in Lebanon

November 07,2016

You’re turning 18 soon, and there is nothing in the world you would trade for a little bit of freedom. Or you’re a bit older, and think enough is enough. Now is the time to drive yourself to wherever you want to go. You’ve just had your dose of taxi drivers talking your ear off amidst the crazy Lebanese traffic.


And since your car is not going to drive itself, you need to get a driver’s license. So here’s a roadmap of the tasks you need to fulfill in order to acquire your Lebanese driver’s.


Step 1 - Prepare the Paperwork:


To be able to make your engine roar, take the time to gather the following documents that you will need to submit to your driving school before taking the exam:

  • Identity card (18+)
  • Individual status record whose date of issuance should not exceed 3 months
  • Criminal record status
  • 2 recent photos (size = 4.3 cm x 3.5 cm) stamped from the mokhtar
  • A medical record
  • Blood type
  • Proof of residence 


Step 2 – Sign up for a Driving School:


Now that that’s out of the way, start by finding a certified driving school. The guy next door taught the whole neighborhood how to drive, but we suggest you do some research, and weigh your options before picking the driving school that suits you best.


Sessions usually cover 10-15 hours and include all basic driving and parking techniques. And just so you know, practice is usually done on a manual car.


The process will surely depend on your personal ability to learn and on prior experience.


Step 3 – Practice Practice Practice!


Once this is over, practice with someone older: a parent, your siblings, just get inside the car and drive around in a safe space with anyone who is willing to go on a ride with you. It’s important to drive around other cars as this will be the only way you will learn to maneuver your car perfectly.


Step 4 – Schedule your Test Appointment:


When you feel confident enough, to drive without a co-pilot in the car, then it’s time to take the test. The office you registered in will schedule the date and time for you, all you need to do is show up with the list of aforementioned papers.


Step 5 – Show Up and Take The test:


A Lebanese driving test consists a theoretical part and a practical one:


The theoretical part will include a Computer-based assessment of your knowledge related to Lebanese traffic law and road signage.


As for the practical part, it aims to test respect of said law, parallel parking, and handling turns safely. This will also be done on a manual vehicle.


Step 6 – A couple of Tips For Driving in Lebanon:


With this out of the way, here a couple of this that might make your time on the road a bit more pleasant.


1- Don’t succumb to peer pressure and always respect the law

2- Know your road signs. Here’s a link just in case:

3- Drive at a safe speed

4- Relax and be friendly, people tend to get quite feisty when behind the wheel


And if you already have your license or are in the process of doing so and have any additional tips, feel free to share them with us.