The Q60: A worthy successor to the legendary G-Coupe?

April 30,2019

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As far as car production goes, Infiniti has been around the scene for almost 30 years. Created as a luxury brand by Nissan in the late 1980s to enter the US market, Infiniti has become a name that echoes “grandeur” ever since.


RYMCO has provided us over the past weekend with the Infiniti Q60. And let me tell you, this is one of the better ways to spend your weekend.


First Impressions:


The model I got was the Q60 2.0T in Iridium Blue. The Q60 really stands out of the crowd, this is not just another 2-door RWD vehicle. Looking at this car, you have to stand in awe for a while, it is hard to get the correct combination of elegant and aggressive/sporty looks, but boy did Infiniti hit the nail on the head with it. Big grille, aerodynamic structure (with a drag coefficient of only 0.28), low profile, beautiful headlights and to compliment it were gorgeous 19” black alloy rims.


This car is what you would compare to a thoroughbred horse.




Performance and Stability:


 “No replacement for displacement”, but in this day and age, does it really apply?

Sporting a compact yet agile 2.0 turbocharged 208 horsepower Mercedes M274 engine coupled with a nimble 7-speed automatic transmission from Nissan, this beauty could do 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) in almost 6.8 seconds, definitely not the fastest but it almost always packs a good punch. The gearbox, an upgraded 7AT Nissan is smooth and quick shifting, and in automatic mode, it just does not feel lost.

On the corners, you always feel in control, with carefree cornering at high speeds or even cruising at high speed. Equipped with what you would expect; Traction Control, ABS, EBD and brake assist, the drive assists in the Q60 are immensely responsive, the Q60 does not take much getting used to either Speed and control? Sign me up!    




Interior and Comfort:


A common misconception is that a sports coupe is usually not one you would find comfort in. The Q60 has all the convenience to change that misconception. Inside is high quality, comfortable upholstery, and an elegant yet modern rich interior. Equipped with one of the best sound systems on the market, the BOSE Performance Series, and an Active Noise Cancellation system that irons out the vocal kinks (which was also pioneered by Nissan), you can forget about the nuisances of the road and enjoy your music, or better yet, the quiet after a long day!


As we know, our roads are not the best. Although equipped with regular suspension, the Q60's undercarriage provides comfort on your daily commute or on your Sunday cruise.



Final Verdict:


Elegant. Quick. Steady. Comfortable. The Q60 is definitely a worthy successor to the G-Coupe.




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