The Striking New GMC Terrain

November 21,2017

Gather around everyone and lay your eyes on this new release of the GMC terrain! The new generation just looks fantastic with an all-new design to travel the road and make a statement.



What’s new on the outside?


The All-New GMC comes with a standing-out exterior design with a new front grille that gives it a strong look, LED headlights as a standard option, and C-shaped taillights that is designed to become the new trademark of GMC.


Now all of these changes are worthy of the new generation, but what about the interior?



What’s new on the inside?


We’re going to take a peek inside the GMC Terrain and check out what has changed.


For starters, it is fairly simple and incredibly pretty. Just imagine sitting and driving this car! The gear shift could be a bit confusing but there are massive amounts of space to feel free while you’re soaring down the road.


Another great thing about the car is the unbelievable amounts of space, it just seems like an endless storage area. You can fit almost anything in there! (No, we’re kidding don’t try that)



What’s new with the vehicle?


The cargo comes with tons of space (yes we had to mention it again) and foldable seats to create, you guessed it, more space! The All-New GMC Terrain is much lighter than before and comes with the following specs:


  • 1.5L Turbo Engine. It’s test-driven and has enough power for most trips
  • 170HP and a high torque figure
  • Engine Fuel Efficiency (Claiming to be 7.8l/100km)


It’s quite a comfortable ride with no loud engine noises and it handles pretty well with 34% stiffer body structure.


What’s new with the technology?


The car comes with a brand new infotainment system including audio + phone + navigation on one screen. You can even create profiles to customize your apps and radio stations in case someone else drives it too.


It even comes with an app shop! How crazy is that?



The most important question: what’s new with the price?


The All-New GMC Terrain starts at $35,000, all inclusive, and can reach all the way up to $51,000!Don’t turn away just yet before we ask what is the $35,000 version loaded with? You can find all the details here


So what do you guys think about it? Is it too expensive? Are the options for the lower-priced version enough?


Tell us what you think and remember, drive safe out there!