The Ultimate Showdown: Mazda3 V/S Honda Civic

December 10,2018

Buying a new or used car is an intimidating experience. It’s important to do your research before taking any decision. However, there are always some questions the car buyer might ask: What's the market talking about the car? Are the owners satisfied? Will it give me a good experience?


Owners’ reviews are a major part while buying a car. For this, we recently asked the Karrenn community to vote for their favorite sedan car and why they chose it. This voting contest was done in an effort to help a member get opinions from owners or experts on these cars.


The vote was done between two sedan cars: Honda Civic and Mazda 3.


The Contenders


The Honda Civic offers more power on its basic 1.6L engine. 123HP v/s Mazda3's 108 HP and is available for about $1,000 less. It also offers Apple CarPlay on its full options model as well as a remote engine starter and an additional side mirror camera, while the Mazda3 does not.



However, Mazda3 does not compromise on its essential tech features. The screen, rear camera, 7" screen, 7 speakers and other features are available as standard so no matter which Mazda you buy, you'll be getting a taste of technology. Upgrades are more about additional convenience features and looks. Also, the Mazda3 is known as a very comfortable and fun-to-drive car that offers a rewarding ownership experience.





With a total of 893 votes, 444 (49.8%) goes to Honda Civic, and 449 (50.2%) goes to Mazda 3, which are really similar. 




For Honda:



For Mazda:



Let us know what you think of these reviews and share with us your opinion below.


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