Tips for Women: What You Need to Know about Your Car

March 13,2019


Women are known with their multitasking skills and their abilities to understand things quickly. Whether housewives, workers or moms, they tend to manage their times to produce the best out of their jobs. 


For this, Karrenn wants to inform women more about their cars and what to do in critical situations. We know they can do it and not depend on any man out there. 


Here are some tips and simple videos that will make every step an easier one. You can even do it in heels ladies! 






Tyre pressure:  this is one of the most common problems that we have in our daily lives, especially on the Lebanese bumpy roads. For this, you have to check it every month or if you notice any change in the tyres. Do not worry about the checking step, our petrol stations have tyre pumps readily available. 


Oil and Water: this also can be done at your nearest petrol station. There is no excuse not to check on this, almost every assistant in gas stations will ask you if you need these checked while filling up your fuel. 


Replacement of windshield wipers: it is dangerous to drive in a rainy weather with mediocre windshield wiper blades. Check and replace them immediately to avoid the possibility of driving with poor vision.  





Change Flat Tyres: you think it’s one of the hardest parts, no? actually it is the simplest. You just need the necessary equipment, a jack, a lug wrench with socket on one end and a pry bar on the other, a spare tire, wheel lock, extension bars for lowering the spare tire and alignment studs. Here's a short video that will show you the process in details.




Change the battery: if our battery is 4 to 5 years old, it is time to replace it. You don’t have to wait till your car won’t start. Battery life can also be affected by the heat, check it by late June or early July. Here’s a simple process video that will sow you what you need and how to change your battery.




Jumpstart with cables: your battery is not working anymore? You can make it work by connecting your cables to another car’s working battery, and you’ll get your vehicle’s life back.  This is a simple process but dangerous if you do it incorrectly! Check out this video that will help you do it all alone and safely. 




Deal with overheating: when it overheats, you will notice a dark cloud blocking your vision. If the engine’s temperature rises, Turn off your AC and on your heat. If the problem persists, Here’s what you got to do

(Keep in mind that all types of cars are different and fixing them may be dangerous. If you feel unsure about something call a tow truck).


- Turn off your car immediately or the engine seizes and this is costly!  

- Pop the hood but wait for the engine to cool down before touching anything. 

- Once it cools, use a thick rag or towel to slowly open the radiator and keep your face out of the way to avoid a possible smother of steam or hot water.

- Check your coolant level and refill as needed 

- Give it a few more minutes to continue cooling and put the cap back on the radiator. 

- Give it a last look, and once you feel safe to drive head directly to your nearest repair shop for an expert assessment 


Now give yourself a high five cause you made it! 


This guide will give you some confidence on understanding your car better as a woman. Also, here's a blog that helps you drive with a baby on boad.


You can always have a partner to help you out, but Karrenn wants every lady to own the situation! 

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