Top Car Features and Tools for Moms

November 26,2018


Being a mother is the toughest and is only a 24-hour job in the world. Luckily, car manufacturers and car accessory suppliers have been trying to make it a bit less overwhelming for moms when driving around with kids or a baby on board.


Here are certain features and tools that are a must-have for moms to help make their rides easier and smoother.



A mobile phone holder is essential in mitigating car accident risk associated with the temptation to respond to text messages or check the latest updates on Facebook, Twitter and other online platforms that have become a center of attraction in today’s world. Studies have shown that many people get injured or killed in accidents that result from distracted drivers.


A keyless entry keypad can be very handy so a mom wouldn’t have to dig out her keys while struggling with shopping or grocery bags, her own handbag as well as having to carry a baby or hold the hand of her kid.


Another helpful feature is a power outlet for charging kids’ devices in order to get peace and quiet during the ride by distracting the kids with games and apps.


Moreover, if you live in a country with hot or moderate weather, such as the Gulf or Lebanon, you really need to have rear air-conditioning in your car. You wouldn’t want your child to be uncomfortably hot and sweaty in the back seat.


As for kids who tend to randomly throw trash in a car, a trash can is vital for keeping your car clean and tidy and avoid having an accumulation of trash.


Moreover, protective coverings for the interior of a car, especially if it is brand new, is vital in maintaining the cleanliness of the car and keeping its interior in good shape. These include car seat covers, floor mats and kick mats which protect the back side of the two front seats.


Last but not least, a first aid kit is always handy as kids can be clumsy at times and may get themselves hurt. It is safer to have the basic tools needed to treat a wound within easy reach as opposed to having to rush to a pharmacy.



Drive Safe :)