Try These Road Trips Suggested By Your Fellow Lebanese!

March 08,2018

Sun is warmer, drinks are colder, and music is louder. That's when you know it's time to hit the ROAD. Yalla, gather up and choose one of the best road trip suggestions from Karrenn's community.





Beaufort Castle was built in the 12th century. Cool structure with wonderful views of the surrounding countryside overlooking the Litani river, the Golan heights, and the surrounding valleys! From there, you can clearly see Palestine and the Litani river thousands of feet below. 






"Take the road from Jezzine, there are lots of great restaurants there by the waterfall and pay a visit to Bekassine pine forest. Or you can have lunch in Qlaiaa Marjeyoun at a family owned restaurant called Tasty. Very good food!"


Take me to Beaufort Castle!





Deir el Qamar is a very unique old town restored and maintained in style for many centuries. At the southwestern side of the old city, you’ll come across a paved alley leading to a 17th century church Saydet al-Wardiya, and an arched passage leading to St. Elias Church. There's the Moussa Castle on the way, built by one man for his lover! Read the full story on the961.






"Deir El Qamar itself is a great place to take a walk and relax. But it's a must that you visit Moussa's Palace and have a ride to Barouk" -Mohammad Hodroge


Take me to Moussa Castle!





If you're heading south don't miss the opportunity to visit Naqoura. A long path next to the Mediterranean Sea. 




Fadel Kwayes


"Choose west Bekaa path to enjoy the view on your way to Tyre. Leave early on a Sunday morning, great roads and amazing views. There are many resturants by the sea, we chose Le Phencien Sea Food Restaurant and it was superb" Fadel Kwayes


Take me to Tyre




If you're looking to get off the grid for a while, head to Akkar in the north and enjoy breathtaking waterfalls. Chalalat Bqerzala is a traditional restaurant from which you can have access to the waterfalls. All their food is fresh and home-made!








"Beautiful place, tasty food and very affordable prices in Chalalat Bqerzala restaurant. The water might be cold for a swim in spring but definitely nice to spend the day. There are plenty of other places nearby as well. Visit the Lake in Beino, and see the deer inside! If you sleepover there, make sure to have breakfast at Abou Abdo in Gebrayel for Man2oushe 3al tannour!"


Take me to Bqerzala Waterfalls!

Take me to Beino Lake!




Look no further than Baalbek and Neha in the north. This greatest Roman treasure has attracted a large number of specialists in archeology as well as tourists.




“After enjoying the historical views in Baalbek head to Niha's Castle in the north. Very nice views on the top. We had lunch in Baytna resto cafe, very good food!" -Emad Hteit


Take me to Baalebk




Enjoy the ride and don't forget to take pictures!