User Review: Chevrolet Spark LS 2017

October 12,2017

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This is my feedback after 8 months of driving.





The car looks amazing with its all new design. It combines elegance with sporty looks as well as simplicity. However, it lacks front fog lights and alloy wheels, which come exclusively in the LT model which is way more expensive.





The Spark LS comes with a classy dashboard, with a stylish steering wheel, music player and elegant A/C controllers. Note that the material used is not solely plastic. Bluetooth, AUX and USB are standard, and the sound system is great with pure sound.



Seats are comfortable considering the class and the price of the car ($13600 including VAT and registration fees). The major shortcoming of the Spark interior is the lack of room in the back seats and cargo in particular, which is extremely tight.


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The engine is the best in its class, with 1.4 L capacity compared to 1.2 and 1.6L for its direct competitors, which makes it more powerful and active when climbing hills and during acceleration. Moreover, from my personal experience, I can tell you that it’s too much fun to drive a Spark, especially when climbing up the mountains of Lebanon, since you won’t get frustrated of the lack of speed and power. You also get safety features as standard (2 Airbags, ESP, Traction control, ABS and brake assist).



Besides, as a Spark user, I’ve noticed a great feature in the car, which is the great quality and work of the suspension. The shock absorbers work extremely great, and this is essential when driving on Lebanese roads where you encounter lots of holes, since they make the care react gently after hitting road holes.




Spark uses the CVT system, which stand for Continuous Variable Transmission, where the gear shifts through continuous range of gear ratios, without the need to change since it has no L2, only L for extremely stiff hill climbing. What I want you to know is that this feature reduces the need for the brake, as well as giving the car more power.



  • Innovative design
  • Practical for city driving


  • No fog lights
  • Tight rear seating and cargo


Written and Submitted by Bassel Abou Saab. Express yourself, help others choose, submit your own review at