User Review: Kia Sportage EX 2.4L 2017

October 09,2017

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This is my feedback after 3 weeks of driving.





Let's start with the exterior. In my opinions, the EX does look amazing and as premium as cars above the $40,000 range. My only complaint would be the absence of LED tail lights. I will add them later on.





The interior feels premium. The leather seats alone give a great impression and there is a lot of soft touch material. In my opinion it is worth the price. At night you can feel that there is a lot of buttons and I would have changed the red color to white. Although numerous, they are all way arranged and you won't get lost trying to search for a feature.


Prices and Specs available in Karrenn's Review





The driving is good and gives the feeling that you are driving a solid car. Plus, the transmission is amazing, nothing to complain about. I like the fact that you can choose to drive AWD or not. Also, it doesn't give the impression of driving an SUV. The car is agile and pretty easy to drive. The engine is the 2.4L GDI. If you are not into racing, then this engine will provide you more than what you need. The three driving modes are really useful. I would recommend using the ECO in the city. The sport mode really transforms the car and acceleration is better. My consumption varies a lot (all with the 4WD mode ON):

  • Highway: 7 to 8L/100km
  • City: 8 to 10.5L /100km
  • Uphill roads / traffic: up to 12L/100km


I can drive for a week and only consume half the fuel tank which is very good.


I would like to add that the EX 2.4 not only has the electric tailgate, but also the smart tailgate feature. I found out 2 weeks after I bought the car while looking at the settings of the car.



  • Premium design (both exterior/interior).
  • Silent car/smooth driving.
  • Great consumption for the Highway, decent for the city.
  • Large backseat.


  • Only Black interior available
  • Small touch-screen
  • No folding seats button in the trunk.


Written and Submitted by Karim Aoun. Express yourself, help others choose, submit your own review at