What Are The 2017 Car Tech Innovations To Look Out For?

January 11,2017

Combining fashion and technology, the car industry is bringing us even closer to driving those futuristic cars we’ve seen in our favorite sci-fi movies 2017 carries its own share of esthetic trends and catchy state-of-the-art features. We have decided to give you an idea of the latest innovations that are taking the industry by storm, and changing the way we think about our vehicles.


1- Vehicle to Vehicle Communication (V2V):


Cadillac has equipped its cars with Wi-Fi and soon, this feature will be added to all cars. And what is the ultimate goal? Well pretty soon, our cars will be doing their own version of “texting and driving”. Yes, cars are about to talk to each other, sharing information regarding driving conditions like weather, speed, and any nearby accidents… Sharing speed also means safer driving: cars can move in groups without having to slow down, reducing the risk of collision.




2- Vehicle to Infrastructure Communication (V2I):


Not only will cars communicate with each other, they will also be “aware” of their surroundings.  For instance, as a driver approaches a traffic light signal, V2I will calculate the time expected for the car to wait for the signal to turn green. Also, depending on the driver’s speed it will let the driver know whether he’ll make the green light or not. Say goodbye to driving through red lights!


V2I is already available in the Audi A4, taking the shape of a countdown in Audi’s virtual cockpit and in the head-up display. 




3- 3D Printing:


3D printing is definitely one of our age’s most groundbreaking innovations. And it’s making its way to the automotive industry. 3D printing will allow for the production of valuable car parts.


Manufacturers are about to start building cars on a solid chassis with a single outer body. What does this all mean? Down the line, it will be possible to replace a car’s outer body while keeping the basic structure of the car. Newlywed and taking your wife on a romantic dinner? A convertible will do. Expecting twins a few months later? No worries, just replace your car’s body with a more family friendly one. Just like the Transformers, your convertible will morph into a minivan, and you’ll be good to go!




4- Airbags That Help Stop Cars:


Mercedes is testing airbags that deploy from underneath the car and help stop it before a crash. The airbags will deploy when sensors determine that an impact is inevitable. Not only will these airbags slow the car down, they will also lift the vehicle eight centimeters, countering the car's dipping motion during hard braking.




5- Augmented Reality:


Just like Pokémon Go, the auto industry is adopting augmented reality technology. From now on, mechanics will be able to visualize what repairs a car needs without having to even touch the car. This new technology will save the driver and mechanics a great deal of time and money.




From innovative driving experience to futuristic car parts and better connectivity, these groundbreaking features are sure to mark a decisive tech revolution in the automotive industry.


What do you think of the latest innovations? Do you prefer a car stacked with the latest technologies, or do you prefer driving around old school? If we missed any new tech trends, be sure to let us know!