What is the difference between Crossover and SUV?

November 19,2018


If you're searching for a family car, it's likely you've considered SUVs or crossovers. And if you've considered them, it's likely you've wondered: What's the difference? Why are some models called crossovers while others are known as SUVs?


This is definitely not the difference




For many car experts, the difference between the two is simple






If you're unsure whether your vehicle of choice uses a car-based unibody design or body-on-frame construction, the safest bet is to use the term "SUV." That acronym is still used to describe nearly anything with available all-wheel drive and raised ground clearance, so you'll probably be safe. 



Now, no matter if you drive an SUV, crossover or even a sedan make sure to prepare your car for winter to ensure a safe drive