What it's like to live with the INFINITI QX50

December 27,2018

What's better than spending a weekend in a machine like the QX50?


Spending the full holiday with this baby is what's better.


There are two major verdicts that you should know about, but first, a few pictures that we took ourselves, hope you like them.



Now back to the verdicts...


1- The Driving Experience


It's a shame that we did not record our facial expressions once we put the pedal to the metal on this thing. It's one of the most entertaining SUVs we've ever driven. When a machine is so joyful to drive that you just don't want to take your foot off the gas, you know you're in for a treat. And the QX50 with its VC Turbo delivers, above and beyond. In fact, it's hard to believe that all this power comes out of a 2.0L engine. Well done INFINITI


2- Day-to-day Comfort


You know the car you drive by heart. When you're parking, you'll automatically slam that gear into P, pull the handbrake, turn the car off and be out in a jiffy. We admit that the QX50 took some getting used to. We don't mean that it was frustrating, just that it took 24 hours to start using the essentials by heart. After that, we were able to imagine ourselves driving the QX50 every day, hassle-free. When you sit in it, you'll notice how quiet it is, and when you drive it, you'll laugh at every bump and pothole on your way.


To sum it all up...


I like it when I'm writing about a car I've driven with a smile on my face. We can talk about the negatives, like the clunky infotainment system (why 2 screens?), or that the real nice upgrades like the panoramic moon-roof and 16-Speaker Bose sound system are not available on the entry level model we've driven. Yes, there are quite a few frustrations, but what we guarantee is this: All frustrations will fade away when you put your foot down. A grin on your face is what you shall have.


About that VC Engine


Yes, we dared mention that all that power came from a 2.0L engine. How does that power get delivered? This is what's called a Variable Compression (VC) Turbo Engine. This engine makes its first appearance in the QX50, before making its way into other cars. In short, it is revolutionary in the fact that it allows the engine to change its compression ratio. Meaning that the engine is more at ease and consuming less fuel when you're not accelerating. However, when you ask for power, the engine optimizes its delivery by increasing the compression in the cylinder block. That's basically like having two different engines. Below is an explanation that will surely do the job better: