What To Test During a Test-Drive?

December 10,2018


Are you trying to decide which car is “the one” for you? A test drive can certainly help you make the right decision when contemplating the various purchase options you have. You must try driving the car in order to judge for yourself, as opposed to relying on other people’s comments and opinions. As the saying goes “do not judge a book by its cover”, the same applies to buy a car. No matter how good it looks, the actual driving experience is what will impact your daily routine once you choose your car.



First and foremost, comfort is essential, so it is important to make sure u can easily get in and out of the car. Did you have any difficulties such as bumping your head while getting in, or did your knee hit the dashboard? Is there enough legroom? You need to consider the fact that this is something you would encounter every time you drive your car. Another thing you ought to check is whether the driver’s seat is comfortable or not. Try adjusting the seat until you reach the optimal position, and ask yourself if it is good enough. Do you have proper visibility in front of you and in your rear window? You may also want to adjust the mirrors and check whether the car has a blind spot detection system.


When taking off, take note of how the steering wheel feels, and whether it is sort of heavy, in which case it may be tiring when driving in the city. How do the brakes respond? Is there a long braking distance, or do the brakes grab suddenly? Are you satisfied with their performance and in the car’s ability to stop? Try driving on the highway as well as on Lebanon’s famous bumpy roads. If you live in the mountains, try driving up a hill and see how it goes. Is the thrust strong enough? How does it feel when you switch on the air-conditioning? Moreover, it is better not to play music during the test drive, as it may conceal any annoying or squeaky sounds that the car produces.


Try to remain objective in the face of the positive aspects and features that the salesman points out during the drive, and focus on what is important for you. Finally, most car dealers have a predefined route for test drives, you do not necessarily have to follow that route. Feel free to choose the most sensible route for you.



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