When Lebanese Entrepreneurs Provide Vin Diesel With His Ride: The Lykan Hypersport

January 24,2017

Deemed sexier than most Victoria secret models, the Lykan Hypersport was casted in the Furious 7 movie as one of its rising stars. But did it occur to you that it too is Lebanese? Yes, the Lykan is just as Lebanese as Elie Saab is. So what’s the story behind it and how did this auto beauty come to be? Read on to find out.


Made in Lebanon, driven in Hollywood


Ralph R. Debbas next to the Fenyr Supersport, the second car made by W motors


The car was first introduced at the Qatar International motor show in Doha right before it became a star in Universal Studio’s Furious 7 movie. And even though W motors is the first Middle-East based company to create luxury sport cars, many renowned European manufacturers were involved in the design and production of this car including Carrozzeria Viotti, Magna Steyr, RUF Automobile and Studio Torino.


Ralph R. Debbas made the Lykan possible. This Lebanese entrepreneur took it upon himself not only to create the first Arab manufactured car, but also a luscious sport car that ignited the passion of millions of car enthusiasts. For the Lykan Hypersport left its beautiful and vivid mark in automotive history. 


A car as powerful as it is beautiful



This unprecedented car features a 3.7 L Twin-Turbo F6 Engine with the option of having a 6-speed sequential manual transmission or a 7-speed Dual-clutch transmission. With a handful of Lebanese entrepreneurs, Debbas succeeded in creating a car that battles in fields of other high performance sports cars such as the Hennessey Venom GT and the Maybach Exelero.


The new Lykan Hypersport goes beyond other luxury cars, and is actually in the niche category of hyper cars, which only holds a few champions. This new car has the swag that comes with speed and low weight as it is designed with Titanium LED blades, and various kinds of jewels including 420 diamonds. Rubies, yellow diamonds and sapphires can even be added so yes, this car is more blinged out than your favorite rapper! 


And this monster costs?


Mind you, if you have the budget for such a car, it would be hard to refuse you any request regarding your preferences. Because the Lykan Hypersport is the third most expensive car to have ever been built with a staggering price of $3.4 million. 


Arabic Design



The car’s Arabic origins are apparent in its angular styling. Some would say it’s a victorious “V”, but we’re pretty sure it’s an Arabic seven, a lucky and very auspicious number. This was also the thinking behind limiting the number of cars produced to seven.


Fast and the Furious 7



The Lykan Hypersport used in the movie was strictly built by W Motors for movie use and is not one of the seven found all around the world. Also more than one was built for the movie as the car was destroyed when filming the stunts. Yes, you can gasp in horror.


None of the seven Lykan cars came back to its home country Lebanon. But if you would like to see the car, or buy it if you ever win the lottery, there is one for sale in Alain Class Motors in Dubai. So, feel like giving this a closer look on your next trip to the UAE? Tell us what are your thoughts on the Lykan Hypersport Lebanese car? Can you picture yourself driving it down the highway? What other rare cars have caught your attention lately?