Your KARRENN Guide to Affordable Crossovers

July 18,2018

*This guide includes crossovers of different sizes in the budget range between $15,000 and $25,000. All prices include VAT & Registration.


Crossovers are meant to offer you the best of two worlds. They're easy to drive and fuel efficient like a car, practical and spacious like an SUV.


They are excellent for city driving, but are also able to handle some rough terrain.


They are famous and successful because they're a good fit for various lifestyles.


Whether you are a parent, an outdoor adventurer, a dog owner, a university student or a mix of more than one, you are bound to find a crossover to suit your needs perfectly.


Firt things first, let's answer the big question...


Should You Go For a 4x4 or a 2x4 Drivetrain?



The simple answer is that if you will only be driving on the pavement, you'd rather settle for a 2x4 drivetrain.


A 2x4 will cost less, weigh less, and offer better fuel economy. So the question you should be asking yourself is whether the extra price that you're paying is worth it. Do you live in mountaineous areas, drive in snowy conditions and run the risk of frequently driving over ice? If so, a 4x4 is definitely worth it for the extra traction it offers.


We have divided the selection below into 3 categories: 4x4 as standard, 4x4 available (at extra cost), and no 4x4 availability.


*Prices illustrated might change over time. Please refer to the full review linked with each image for the latest update, the pros and cons, and recommendations for each vehicle.


Crossovers With 4x4 as Standard



The Suzuki Vitara differentiates itself by offering 4x4 as standard, good looks and a long list of equipment at an affordable price.


- Engine & Transmission: 1.6L - 120 HP - 6-Speed Tiptronic

- Full options model available for $27,200



The Geely X7 Sport redefines the Chinese offering with improved quality and eye-catching interior luxury.



- Engine & Transmission: 2.4L - 150 HP - 6-Speed Tiptronic

- Full options model available for $27,900


Crossovers With 4x4 Available



The Chevrolet Trax offers class leading power and safety. Thanks to a larger engine and 4 airbags as standard


- Engine & Transmission: 1.8L - 140 HP - 6-Speed Tiptronic

- 4x4 model price: $25,800

- Full options model available for $28,000



The New Renault Duster is a big improvement over the previous generation. It is now a modern looking crossover that will suit a wide variety of people, especially those looking for a spacious yet affordable crossover with no compromise on the design.


- Engine & Transmission: 1.6L - 115 HP - 6-Speed CVT (other options available)

- 4x4 model price: $23,000

- Full options model available for $25,600 (including all optional features)



With optional 4WD capability, a 2.0L engine and a 6-speed tiptronic, the Citroen C4 Aircross is a bargain. If you are concerned with the reliability of French cars, don't be, because this one is built on the Mitsubishi ASX platform.


- Engine & Transmission: 2.0L - 150 HP - 6-Speed Tiptronic

- 4x4 model price: $24,500

- Full options model available for $33,000


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Crossovers With No 4x4 Availability



The Hyundai Creta is a good fit for young families or a group of friends. It fits 4 people comfortably and is a pleasure to drive around.


- Engine & Transmission: 1.6L - 121 HP - 6-Speed tiptronic

- Full options model available for $23,500



The funky looks and comfortable interior of the Nissan Kicks make it appeal to the younger generation. It can also fit 3 other friends comfortably.


- Engine & Transmission: 1.6L - 118 HP - 6-Speed CVT

- Full options model available for $27,700



The Changan CS15 is a mini-crossover that is pretty on the outside and tech equipped on the inside. It might be a good choice for people wanting a small and well-equipped SUV for such a low price.


- Engine & Transmission: 1.5L - 105 HP - 5-Speed DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission)



The Ford EcoSport is the king of price/features in the small crossover segment. Offering Apple CarPlay, camera, sensors and plenty of airbags with a powerful engine at very competitive price.


- Engine & Transmission: 1.5L - 121 HP - 6-Speed Automatic

- Full options (2.0L) model available for $22,000 on demand


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