Your Top 5 Demands in the Transportation Sector in Lebanon

November 17,2019

Welcome to #Karrenn4Good, an initiative we are launching because we believe in a better Lebanon. During these times, our spaces will be used to promote constructive dialogue around transportation. Together, we will come up with practices and habits that will shake-up the existing transportation sector. You can join the cause here.


Let’s kick things off with the Public’s Top 5 Demands in transportation. We asked you for your #1 demand on our Insta page, and the ones listed received the highest number of votes as Yes. However, there are some side effects to each demand, and they are not all easily implemented, but there’s a reason to love each one of them. Here goes...


#1 Demand: No Throwing Trash Out The Window!

Why We Love This: It’s an initiative that each and every one of us can start with on a day-to-day basis.
Ease of Implementation: Super easy, start with yourself and inform others!
Side effects: None.

#2 Demand: Lower Interest Rates on Car Loans

Why We Love This: Car loans have been limited to an exclusive number of people as the economy worsened before the revolution. In the future, making it easier to access car loans will be helpful for the Lebanese auto industry!
Ease of Implementation: Impossible before we are through the current situation and tough times, but it should be easier once the economy stabilizes!
Side effects: An increase in the number of cars on our roads that are already over capacity! An alternative would be better financing options on EVs, Hybrids, and cars with engines smaller than 2.0L

#3 Demand: Lower Customs

Why We Love This: This would encourage people to renew their cars, consequently decreasing the age of cars on the streets in Lebanon. 71% of cars are older than 10 years, and that contributes a lot to the current emissions!
Ease of Implementation: Quite complex especially when it’s one of the income streams for the government.
Side effects: This could also lead to an increase of cars on our roads, and it does not help decrease the rate of cars per household in the country. However, we could aim for decreasing customs on hybrid cars to 0% instead of 20% for a better environment!

#4 Demand: Online Bus App

Why We Love This: It encourages usage of public transport instead of focusing on private means of transport! 
Ease of Implementation: YallaBus is actually a real app that was launched to do exactly that. Unfortunately, we hear that it did not take-off. What is certain is that we need to change our perception of buses in Lebanon.
Side effects: More buses, fewer cars, no negative side effects we can think of, can you?


#5 Demand: Lower Fuel Costs

Why We Love This: This would help small businesses that rely on the transportation of goods (agricultural or other) or that rely heavily on machinery. It will increase the disposable income of heavy car users, resulting in more money to spend.
Ease of Implementation: The government’s tax share is around 75% of the price of each tanke, and it might be a while before we see a decrease on that front.
Side effects: This encourages more movement in private means of transportation, which might help congest our roads even more. However, one positive side effect could be a decrease in Uber ride prices?


Your opinion is what will guide Karrenn4Good forward. Join us, offer ideas, habits, or help us organize things around here. Join the cause and make yourself heard.


EDIT: Love your additional suggestions guys, here they are...