Chevrolet Spark 2019

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Automatic 1.4L 4 Cyl 100 HP - CVT

Is this car for me?

Biggest engine in any Lebanese city car makes the Spark a zippy little vehicle, ABS and 2 Airbags are standard. So if power and safety are your concerns, this one is the answer.


The prices provided by Karrenn might vary at any given time. It is recommended to refer to the dealer for a final quotation. The dealer holds the right to modify the prices and specs at any given moment and without prior notice.


-Bluetooth standard with good Audio -Powerful engine -Safety equipment standard


-Cargo and rear legroom


3 Years - 100,000 Km

*Prices and features as provided by IMPEX, Chevrolet and Cadillac's dealer in Lebanon.
*Pros & Cons are based on a first-hand test-drive experience.

The Spark gets a new face! Featuring a new grille, LEDs and headlamps. The better news is that it continues with the discount of the previous model, $1,000 off!


Does the actual car look exactly like the one in the ad?
No. The car displayed is the full options model.

Is the price communicated fully and clearly?
No. VAT and Registration are not included in the price.

Is there a catch or hidden info?


Bassel, a Spark owner and Karrenn community member, shares his feedback after 8 months of driving. Click the image below!

PRICES & OPTIONS (all inclusive)

Manual LS ($12,200 - $11,200) Save $1,000 - The price is fair, and if you're a driver that's comfortable with a manual and looking for a catch, this is the one.

Auto LS ($13,500 - $12,500) Save $1,000 - Most selling between the 3 trims, this one is for the majority of us looking for low-cost automatics. The price is competitive for the features it offers. For both of the trims above, equipment includes but is not limited to:

- USB/Bluetooth/MP3/iPod integration
- Keyless entry
- Stability control
- ABS/2 Airbags
- Brake assist
- 4 power windows
- Power adjustable mirrors
- Steering wheel controls
- Optional: Screen and Rear Camera ($600)

Auto LT ($16,300 - $15,300) Save $1,000 - If we had $15,300, we would spend them on a car from a bigger class, but if all you really want is a city car that is full of all the equipment you can imagine, this one can do the job. Here are the highlights:

- 7" touchscreen
- 15" Aluminum wheels
- Push/start
- Leather-wrapped steering wheel
- Smart entry
- Cruise control
- Front and rear fog lamps
- Chrome finishes
- Rear park assist


The obvious choice is the LS automatic ($12,500). It's very competitive with its current offer, and the Spark will appeal to people who want a good quality city car that's quite zippy and quick, in and outside of town.


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