Citroen C3

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1.6L - 115 hp - 140 Nm - FWD - 6-speed Auto

Is this car for me?

Different and confident, the C3 (in its Feel trim) is well, for people who are different and confident.

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The prices provided by Karrenn might vary at any given time. It is recommended to refer to the dealer for a final quotation. The dealer holds the right to modify the prices and specs at any given moment and without prior notice.


-Stylish inside and out -Efficient engines -Good equipment -Relaxing to drive


-Average rear seat space -Average steering feedback and some body roll


5 Years - 100,000 Km

*Prices and features as provided by Centradis, Citroen’s exclusive dealer in Lebanon.
*We have not test-driven this vehicle yet, the Pros & Cons are provided from worldwide leading automotive websites like
What Car

The C3 wants to be an extension of your personality, it's classy and stands out with a quirky design.

Available Models (Prices incl. VAT & Reg.)


No Offer
Model Highlights
1.6L - 115 hp - 140 Nm - FWD - 6-speed Auto

The features below apply to all the models listed below

- Bluetooth/USB/AUX 
- 2 Airbags/ABS/ESP 
- 15” Steel wheels 
- 4 Electrical windows 
- Fog lamps 
- Daytime running lights 
- Foldable rear seats


No Offer
Model Highlights
1.6L - 115 hp - 140 Nm - FWD - CVT

- Bi-tone and air bump (exterior styling like the image)

- 4 airbags 
- 16” alloy wheels 
- Steering wheel controls 
- Cruise control 
- Electrical & heated mirrors 
- LED daytime running lights

Feel FO

No Offer
Model Highlights
1.6L - 115 hp - 140 Nm - FWD - CVT

- Auto A/C 
- Radio 7” touchscreen 
- Rear camera and sensors

Feel FO PS

No Offer
Model Highlights
1.6L - 115 hp - 140 Nm - FWD - CVT

- Panoramic sunroof 
- Leather steering wheel

Pick Of The Bunch

We recommend 2019 Feel FWD | $20,500
Acceptable price, good engine, and plenty of options

Our recommended pick is the Feel grade ($20,500) because as we mentioned at the top, this is the grade that stands out and that people will buy thanks to its great design. The entry level C3 Live will not include the design quirks that are available on the Feel grade (air bumpers, bi-tone alloys and colors), meaning that it won't stand out or catch the eye as much. You can always opt in for the Feel FO or FO PS depending on your budget and desired features. The FO adds some pretty useful features that you'd more likely want to have installed if you're buying a brand new car. If the budget permits, go for it.

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