Citroen C4 Aircross 2017

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2.0L 16V - 150 HP - 6-Speed Tiptronic

Is this car for me?

With optional 4WD capability, a 2.0L engine and a 6-speed tiptronic, the C4 Aircross is a bargain. If you are concerned with the reliability of French cars do not be, because this one is built on the Mitsubishi ASX platform.

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-Offers a distinct look and character and higher quality materials -Handling is above average -All-wheel-drive capabilities


-The full options model costs more but keeps the same engine with a few changes in the looks department


5 Years - 100,000 Km

*Prices and features as provided by CENTRADIS. Citroen's exclusive dealer in Lebanon.
*When first-hand experience is not available, Pros & Cons are taken from wordlwide leading automotive websites like 
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The Citroen C4 Aircross is very well equipped and quite affordable. A very interesting pick!


Does the actual car look exactly like the one in the ad?
Yes. Unless the alloy wheel design varies a bit

Is the price communicated fully and clearly?
No. VAT + Registration are not included

Is there a catch or hidden info?

PRICES & OPTIONS (all inclusive)

C4 Aircross 2WD Full Options 2017 ($21,900) - The presence of all the convenience features below give this vehicle a great price/feature balance:

- 2WD
- ABS / 2 Airbags / EBD
- 4 Power Windows
- Power Adjustable Mirrors
- A/C Automatic
- Touch Screen
- Rear Parking Camera with Sensors
- Radio / CD / Bluetooth / AUX / USB
- 6 Speakers
- Central Lock with Remote Control
- Chrome Inserts
- Cruise Control
- Electro-chromic Rear View Mirror
- 16” Alloy Wheels
- Front Fog Lights
- Day Running Light with LED
- Half Leather Seats
- Rain & Light Sensors
- Roof Bars

C4 Aircross 4WD Base 2016 ($27,000 - $24,500) $2,500 decrease - This grade offers 4WD but less options than the C4 2WD:

- ABS/2 Airbags/ESP/EBD
- Power windows
- Steering wheel controls
- Central lock
- Switchable 2WD or 4WD

C4 Aircross 4WD Full 2016 ($38,500 - $33,000) $5,500 decrease - This grade offers larger alloy wheels and paddle shifters on top of the options offered in the C4 2WD, below feature list might be incomplete:

- 18" Alloy wheels
- Paddle Shifters


Some people refuse to buy an SUV if it's not an all-wheel drive model. But guess what, we think it's totally fine to get a 2WD as long as you're not sure if you're going to need the 4x4 capabilities. 4x4 will allow for more traction on uneven surfaces like mud, snow, or ice and better overall performance on water, but will consume more fuel. We recommend picking the 2017 2WD model if you don't need a 4WD because you'll be getting some pretty awesome features at a VERY affordable price. Rain/light sensors, a screen and a rear camera are rarely available on an SUV of this price. It's also more spacious than some of the other SUVs at this price.


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