Kia Sportage 2018

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2.0L LX - 166 HP

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The lowest starting price in the Compact SUV segment, and a decent list of features make of the Sportage a unique offering.

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-Optimal for day-to-day driving -Revised suspension makes for a smooth and enjoyable ride -The backseat is roomy


-The storage/cargo space is not optimal -Fuel economy doesn’t beat some rivals, but it’s still decent at around 9.5L/100Km


5 Years - 100,000 Km

*Prices and features as provided by NATCO. Kia's exclusive dealer in Lebanon.
*Pros & Cons are based on a first-hand test-drive experience.

The Kia Sportage claims the lowest starting price for non-Chinese compact crossovers.

PRICES & OPTIONS (All Included) 

LX 2.0L – A decently sized engine with AWD. If you want more power, you can go with the 2.4L - 184 HP. The current trim is for people who want good equipment and enough power for an affordable price, here's what it adds on top of what you've seen above

2018 Automatic 2.0L, 4Cyl., 166 Hp ($28,200 - $24,300) Save $3,900

- 17" alloy wheels
- Fog Lights
- 4 power windows
- Automatic A/C
- Rain/Light sensors
- Rear sensors
- Steering wheel controls
- CD/MP3/Bluetooth/AUX/USB
- Cruise control
- ABS/2 Airbags
- DBC (Dynamic Brake Control)


New Grade! 1.6L Front Wheel Drive - Same specs as above besides the below changes

2018 Automatic 1.6L, 4 Cyl., 130 Hp ($23,700 - $22,500) Save $1,200

- 16" alloy wheels

LX 2.4L all included – Same options as above, you can pay $3,200 for more power. Usually more specs are offered with the bigger engine, bringing the price higher, but not in this case.

2018 Automatic 2.4L, 4 Cyl., 184 Hp ($29,500 - $27,500) Save $2,000

- 4 Cylinders - 184 HP


Karim, a Sportage owner and Karrenn community member, shares his feedback after 3 weeks of driving. Click the image below!


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