Kia Sportage

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1.6L - 130 hp - 161 Nm - FWD - Automatic

Is this car for me?

The lowest starting price in the Compact SUV segment, and a decent list of features make of the Sportage a unique offering.

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-Optimal for day-to-day driving -Revised suspension makes for a smooth and enjoyable ride -The backseat is roomy


-The storage/cargo space is not optimal -Fuel economy doesn’t beat some rivals, but it’s still decent at around 9.5L/100Km


5 Years - 100,000 Km

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The Kia Sportage claims the lowest starting price for non-Chinese compact crossovers.

Available Models (Prices incl. VAT & Reg.)

2018 LX FWD

No Offer
Model Highlights
1.6L - 130 hp - 161 Nm - FWD - Automatic

2019 LX FWD

No Offer

2020 LX FWD

No Offer

The features below apply to all the models listed below

- 16" alloy wheels
- Fog Lights
- 4 power windows
- Automatic A/C
- Rain/Light sensors
- Rear sensors
- Steering wheel controls
- CD/MP3/Bluetooth/AUX/USB
- Cruise control
- ABS/2 Airbags
- DBC (Dynamic Brake Control)

2018 LX AWD

Add 17” Alloy Wheels
Model Highlights
2.0L - 166 hp - AWD - Automatic

2019 LX

2020 LX

2018 LX

Model Highlights
2.4L - 184 hp - 181 Nm - AWD - Automatic

- Front & Rear Park Assist
- 5.0" Touch-Screen
- DRL (Daytime Running Lights)
- Auto Light
- Auto Dual A/C
- Cruise Control
- Rain Sensor

2020 EX AWD

Model Highlights
2.4L - 180 hp - 181 Nm - AWD - Automatic

- JBL Tweeter
- Rear Park Assist System
- 5.0" touch-screen

Pick Of The Bunch

We recommend 2019 2018 LX FWD | $23,200
Acceptable price, good engine, and plenty of options

We recommend the 2018 LX ($23,200) since it has essential safety features with no compromise on convenience. If power and AWD is a priority to you then consider upgrading to the 2.0L Engine. You will also get a 5" touch-screen and 17" Alloys with it.

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