Lada 4x4 2017

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Urban 5-doors 1.7L Manual

Is this car for me?

Lada 4x4 is a heavy duty vehicle that can work both on and off-road. With its affordable price, Lada can combine between off-road capabilities and feeling comfortable in the city jungle.


The prices provided by Karrenn might vary at any given time. It is recommended to refer to the dealer for a final quotation. The dealer holds the right to modify the prices and specs at any given moment and without prior notice.


-Off-road capabilities -Low maintenance -Affordable


-Old design -Unrefined interior


3 Years - 50,000 Km

Save $1,000 on the 5-door model while also benefiting from a financing facility - LOW down payment.

The truth behind the offer, with questions:

Q:  Do you get the same car you see with the advertised price?

A:  Yes, the price and specs are communicated clearly, and unlike the common approach, the ad includes VAT + Registration.

Q: Are there any offers or savings?

A: No saving on the 2-door model, but a previous discount of $1,000 still stands on the Lada 5-door. The offer is now reinforced with financial facilities. Pay a down payment of $2,900 instead of $3,900 (the company supports the $1,000 difference, which can also be considered a saving). Your monthly payment is as stated, $259/ month over 5 years.

Q: Is there something else you should know? 

A: Test drives are available at the showroom.

Prices & options:

2-door Urban (13,900$) Nearly out of stockThis car is the 2 doors model. Its affordable price and well known history make it a perfect choice for 4x4 lovers on a budget. Below are some key features you should know about:

  • 1.7L – 4 Cylinders – 8 Valves
  • 5 speed manual transmission
  • ABS + EBD
  • Upgraded suspension
  • Hydraulic power steering
  • ISOFIX - Child seats fastening system
  • Front door electric windows
  • Electric and heated side mirrors
  • AC
  • Heated front seats
  • Audio set-up
  • 16’’ allow wheels

Lada 4X4 5 doors 
(14,900$) Save 1000$ from a previous discountThis model has the same features as the 2 door model; however, it is more suitable if you want to carry your family or friends. 

Which one to go for: 

If you are a 4x4 lover and not looking for luxury, then Lada is your car. Extremely capable off-road and reliable, Lada is the car for city and off-road use. If you are looking for a bigger car with more room, then the Lada 4x4 5 doors is the one for you

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