Lada Kalina Cross 2016


The prices provided by Karrenn might vary at any given time. It is recommended to refer to the dealer for a final quotation. The dealer holds the right to modify the prices and specs at any given moment and without prior notice.


-Great build quality


-Only one model is imported to Lebanon


3 Years - 100,000 Km

This car is for you if: You are looking for a sub $15,000 car that can go off the beaten path and take a beating. And you prefer to start the beating at 0 Km.

Trim/Price differences: Only one model is imported to Lebanon. Options are plentiful and include ABS, airbags, electric windows, alloys, heated mirrors and heated front seats.

Specs Per trim: Download here

Verdict: The ad is taken from Facebook where the caption clearly mentions that the price includes VAT + Registration. The car is as shown so you will be getting the same exterior looks as provided in the ad. The only thing lacking is the model year of the car (2016). Besides that, we find that the ad is pretty straightforward with the information it communicates.

What you can get instead: Sandero Stepway ($15,600)

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