Lada Vesta SW Cross 2018

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1.8L - 122 HP - AMT transmission

Is this car for me?

We were impressed by the solid build quality of the Lada SW Cross. It is a great all-rounder that is ready and willing to carelessly take a long-term beating. It is a rewarding car if you are not too picky about the sluggish gear shifts.


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-Very solid build quality -SUV level ground clearance (cross model) -Phantom color options


-Gear shift will take some getting used to -Overall driving experience lacks sophistication


3 Years - 100,000 Km

*Prices and features as provided by RYMCO, Lada's exclusive dealer in Lebanon.
*Pros & Cons are based on a first-hand test-drive experience.

The vehicle we've test-driven is the SW Cross. There's another version priced for $3,000 less, which won't have the same exterior looks or features as the SW Cross. It's just called Vesta SW, we start with it below.

PRICES & OPTIONS (all included)

Vesta SW 1.6L ($16,900)

- Emergency brake assist
- ESC / TCS (traction control system)
- Hill start assist
- Rear disk brakes
- Alarm
- Fog lights
- ISOFIX Child seats
- Immobilizer
- Heated front seats
- 4 power windows
- Rear parking sensors
- Central arm rest
- 16" alloy wheels

Vesta Cross 1.8L ($19,900)

- Power adjustable and heated outside mirrors
- Adjustable steering column
- Keyless entry
- Front and rear heated seats
- Foldable rear seat 60/40
- 4 Speakers
- Touchscreen
- 4 front cup holders
- Cruise control
- Auto dimming headlights
- Daytime LED running lights
- Mudguards
- Light and rain sensors
- Front and side airbags
- Tracking control system
- 17" alloy wheels


We recommend going for the SW Cross simply because it's got the whole package, especially in terms of exterior looks. It's also available with Phantom color options (color changes depending on the angle where you stand). While it might be perceived as slightly expensive, you're getting lots of space, decent convenience features, great looks and most importantly, a ruggedly built car that which won't make you feel sorry whenever you work it hard.


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