Opel Corsa 2016

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The prices provided by Karrenn might vary at any given time. It is recommended to refer to the dealer for a final quotation. The dealer holds the right to modify the prices and specs at any given moment and without prior notice.


-Satisfying acceleration -Good handling which provides the right amount of feedback to create a connection between the driver and the car


-A hint of understeer -The ride can be too firm -Interior and build quality are not optimal


3 Years - 100,000 Km

This car is for you if: You're looking for a small car to zip through the city, not only that, you want a small German car!

Trim/Price differences:

  • Corsa Essentia ($16,200)
  • Corsa Color Edition 2016 ($21,000) only 2 cars left
  • Corsa Color Edition 2017 ($23,500)

Specs per trim: Download here

Verdict: The offer seems to be a true catch since the company claimed that the car was selling for $18,750 before this offer. Saving $2,550 on a car is not bad at all, too good to be true right? Right.

The car on which the offer is valid is much less appealing than the one you see. The one you see is a trim that is not imported to Lebanon, and the Color Edition trim is as close as you can get. There will be no fog lights, no sexy rims and no LED headlights for you if you pay for the Essentia trim.

You can check in detail the differences that apply in the spec sheets we have provided you. As a wrap up, the final price is not clear and neither the model is, but a $2,550 saving is enough for us to call this a good offer. What do you think?

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