Renault Clio 2018

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Zen 1.2L Turbo - 120HP - 6-Speed Dual Clutch

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A small and cheerful car that appeals to people who appreciate French styling. Et pourquoi pas?

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-Stylish small car that not only looks great but is also good to drive, comfortable enough on bumps and potholes, while also being practical with a spacious boot


-The rear seats can be tight for adults and the interior could be more refined


3 Years - 100,000 Km

*Prices and features as provided by KARRENN data collectors (a free-form group of mystery shoppers, industry experts, sub-dealers and community members)
*Pros & Cons are based on leading international automotive websites. We have yet to test-drive it to give you a more detailed review

You don't want to miss the current offer on the Clio. Free registration saves you $1,500, and we hear that the quantity is limited.

AD CLARITY 2/3 (Posted in September)

Does the actual car look exactly like the one in the ad?
No. The actual car will have smaller alloys, the one displayed looks more like the GT line model seen in the video below.

Is the price communicated fully and clearly?
Yes. VAT is included, registration is free.

Is there a catch or hidden info?
No. The ad is straightforward.

PRICES (incl. VAT + Reg.) & OPTIONS

All trims below are powered by a 1.2L Turbo engine producing 120HP and include a screen. Transmission: Dual-clutch 6-Speed. Manual models also available.

Life - Not Available 

- 4 Airbags
- Emergency Braking
- Electric mirrors, front windows
- Central lock
- 16" black alloy wheels
- Tyre pressure monitor
- Smartphone support
- Cruise control
- Chrome finishes
- Any color other than white: Add $450

Zen ($21,400 - $19,900) Save $1,500 – This trim offers more comfort oriented equipment, and a step-up in the looks department.

- 4 electric windows
- Power foldable mirrors
- Hill start assist
- Fog lights
- Front armrest
- Bi-tone 16” alloy wheels
- Leather steering wheel
- Eco mode
- Multimedia system
- Light & Rain sensors
- Shiny black interior
- Chrome exterior
- Rear parking sensors
- 6 Airbags
- Any color other than white: Add $450
- Camera (Optional)

Intens ($23,750 - $21,900) Save $1,850 – The full package with the best looks and functionalities:

- Keyless entry
- Electrical rear windows
- Panoramic sunroof
- Defrosting mirrors
- 17” bi-tone alloy wheels
- Leather appointed seats (half-leather, half-cloth)
- Tinted windows
- Camera
- Front and rear sensors
- Full LED front, rear, and fog lights


Our pick would be the Zen grade. It's not very "affordable" compared to other cars in the segment, but it offers a good combination of options and exterior looks.

As for the Intens It's great to have a small car with these features. As a matter of fact, few cars in the same category will offer something similar. However, the price is a bit high for the class. We expect people who go for this trim to be Clio lovers, or people who don't need a bigger car but want a fully equipped hatchback.


The current Clio 4th generation has been around since 2012, and is expected to be replaced by the newer, fifth generation model in 2019. This means that we might receive it locally in 2020. The fifth generation promises to be one of the most technologically advanced cars in its class. For now, all you get to look at is a camouflaged version.


"I've had my clio since 2014 and i've gotta say this car is a class act. Despite its small size and equally small engine (1.2 turbo) this car gets the job done. If you're looking for economy this car is a definite contender among other small cars. And if you like a small rush of adrenaline every now and then, the turbo will make sure you get that edge at will. I would say the only downside im currently facing is how low the car is; and driving around on lebanese roads is a bit of a hassle, especially when you make your way up to the mountains. All in all though, its benefits hugely outweigh its shortcomings and from a 3 year old clio owner, i can't help but express my satisfaction towards this little gem." - Khalil Aoun


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