Subaru Impreza 2017

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The prices provided by Karrenn might vary at any given time. It is recommended to refer to the dealer for a final quotation. The dealer holds the right to modify the prices and specs at any given moment and without prior notice.


- All-wheel-drive -Comfortable ride and handling -Apple CarPlay comes as standard -Roomy backseat


-Small boot -Interior has no premium feel


3 Years - 100,000 Km

This car is for you if: You want an all-wheel-drive car, because when it comes to all-wheel-drive sedans, Subaru is not easily outmatched. The ride and handling are something to be appreciated, and what we particularly like is that Apple CarPlay comes as standard. Rear space is also generous. On another hand, there's no premium feel to interior materials and trunk space is below class average. More to know: it's available in sedan, hatchback and wagon models, but Lebanon only gets the sedan body style.

Trim/Price differences: Unique Trim ($29,900) - 2.0L - 156HP - Lineartronic transmission (like CVT)

Specs per trim: Standard options include ABS/Airbags, rear camera, Bluetooth, 4 electric windows, 4-wheel-drive, paddle shifters, 17" alloy wheels.

Verdict: There are no LED headlights on the available model, the ad is not matching the looks of the actual car, but it has 17" aluminum wheels nonetheless. It's best to compare this Impreza with the Mazda3 and the Honda Civic because they fall within the same price range and car category. The Subaru offers you Apple CarPlay which is not yet available on the Mazda3 and only available on the EX trim of the Civic ($30,900). All-wheel-drive is also unique to the Impreza. On another hand, the Subaru won't feel as premium as the other 2 competitors, but is still a worthy contestant that deserves your consideration if you're shopping for something similar. We want to know what you think, does this Subaru have what it takes to steal your heart?

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