Suzuki Alto 800

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0.8L - 47.3 HP - 3 Cyl - 5-Speed Manual

Is this car for me?

This car is an excellent fit for the city and the city alone. It is a very tiny car that caters to people in the sub 10K budget.


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-Excellent fuel economy -Very low running costs


-No safety features -Narrow seats -Not recommended for high speed highway driving


3 Years - 100,000 Km

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The Suzuki Alto is a great match for the city. Claimed fuel economy surpasses 400 Km / 20L. It's been in the market abroad for quite a while, it's a proven model, although not suitable for uphill driving. Only available in manual.


Does the actual car look exactly like the one in the ad?
Yes, the car displayed is similar to the one you will see in showrooms.

Is the price communicated fully and clearly?
No. VAT and registration are not included in the price.

Is there a catch or hidden info?

PRICES & OPTIONS (all included)

Suzuki Alto 800 ($8,600) - The list of features is pretty basic. You can't expect much more at such a low price.

- Manual 5-Speed transmission
- 800cc 3 Cylinder engine capable of achieving 400Km / 20L or 5 L/100Km
- A/C
- Speakers
- Tinted glass
- Rear defogger


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