Suzuki Alto

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800cc - 47.3 HP - 3 Cyl - 5-Speed Manual

Is this car for me?

This car is an excellent fit for the city and the city alone. It is a very tiny car that caters to people in the sub 10K budget.

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-Excellent fuel economy -Very low running costs


-No safety features -Narrow seats -Not recommended for high speed highway driving


3 Years - 60,000 Km

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The Suzuki Alto is a great match for the city. Claimed fuel economy surpasses 400 Km / 20L. It's been in the market abroad for quite a while, it's a proven model, although not suitable for uphill driving. Only available in manual.

Available Models (Prices incl. VAT & Reg.)

Alto 800 FWD 2018

No Offer
Model Highlights
800cc - 3 Cyl - 47.3 hp - 68 Nm - FWD - 5-Speed Manual

Alto 800 FWD 2019

No Offer
Model Highlights
800cc - 3 Cyl - 47.3 hp - 68 Nm - FWD - 5-Speed Manual

The features below apply to all the models listed below

- Manual 5-Speed transmission
- 800cc 3 Cylinder engine capable of achieving 400Km / 20L or 5 L/100Km
- A/C
- Radio
- Tinted glass
- Rear defogger
- Cup holders
- Power steering

Pick Of The Bunch

We recommend Alto 800 FWD 2018 | $9,000
Fair price, good engine, and essential options

We recommend the Alto 800 2018 ($9,000) since it doesn't differ when it comes to design or features and is priced $1,500 cheaper than the 2019 model. The Alto is your pockets best friend when it comes to fuel economy, it achieves a striking 400 KM/20L with it's 0.8L - 3Cyl engine but you should take note that it is for city-use only.

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