Volkswagen Jetta 2016

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Base Model S

Is this car for me?

Do you want a compact car with a saloon body type? Although an uncommon mixture, this helps the Jetta offer plenty of space. The latest batch of models is not working well enough though.

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The prices provided by Karrenn might vary at any given time. It is recommended to refer to the dealer for a final quotation. The dealer holds the right to modify the prices and specs at any given moment and without prior notice.


-Spacious -Large trunk -Good interior quality


-Exterior styling is dated


3 Years - Unlimited Km

***Disclaimer: Prices might change unexpectedly. Our all inclusive prices do not necessarily indicate the final price you will get in the showroom. The dealer retains the right to change the prices/specs at any given time.

Community Member Insights:

"This model has a major issue the company isn't able to solve (sudden shut down of the engine while driving). Don't get the jetta no matter what the price will be." - Dikran Topouchian

"The car was brand new! After less than 1 month it shut down!
I had with me my 2 little kids! The company took the car for more than 1 month, tried to make several stories about it... 
Driving style, fuel not clean... 
After 1 month we took the car back! And shut down once again!
We returned it. Made a whoooole story. They have accepted to exchange it, but we paid smthg like 2,000$ 
Same issue!!!!!
So a new whooole story to get our money back 
Go buy a decent car from a decent company!" - Joy Tohmé Berberi

Trim/Price differences:

S 2016 ($23,000) / S 2017 ($30,500) – Steel wheels, 2 color radio display, front and curtain airbags, rear A/C vents

Mid-trim 2016 ($25,750) – On top of the above: Parking sensors, alloy wheels

SE 2016 ($28,500) / SE 2017 ($33,500) – 17” alloys, sunroof, leatherette seats, multifunction steering wheel, Auto A/C, cruise control, 8 speakers, 6.5” touch screen, Bluetooth

Specs Per trim: We gave you the highlights, you can compare further here

Verdict: It seems like VW are struggling to get rid of their Jetta stock because the last offer we reviewed on that same car was back in September 2016 so what changed? Well, a slight additional saving on the 2016 models from the free 1 year all-risk insurance (around $700). Plus, 2017 models are here, and will cost you a tad higher than those 2016 models. Either way, if you’re considering a Jetta, we surely advise going for the 2016 models because if you want to pay $30,000 then why don’t you go for a Golf?

From an advertisement perspective, it’s pretty straightforward. The one thing to note is that the car illustrated surely looks a hell lot sexier than the one you’ll be getting, we’ve even got some pictures for you.

What else, Registration is free and you get a 3 year – 45,000 Km free insurance; pretty nice when you don’t have to think about paying for maintenance for 3 years. Is it a good deal? It is in our opinion, but check out what the competition has to offer below, maybe you’ll find the one!

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